Stirling Centre for Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies

The Centre for Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies at Stirling (CTIISS) was established in June 2014. It is an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research centre, which seeks to build bridges between interdisciplinary subjects and thus promote cross-disciplinary cooperation. It also aims to create a strong network for translation and interpreting studies specialists in the UK and worldwide. The centre provides a wide- ranging curriculum at undergraduate (joint degree with China) and postgraduate levels (MSc Translation Studies with TESOL, MRes in Translation Studies, MSc in Specialised Translation and MSc in Business Interpreting). The centre also offers PhD supervision to research students, and organises a range of activities and events, including collaborations with industry, research conferences and seminars.

More information about the Centre can be found on its website. All events will be posted on Twitter. Details of the Translation and Interpreting Programmes are available here.

CTIISS is part of the Division of Literature and Languages in School of Arts and Humanities. Within the School of Arts and Humanities, our students have the desire to explore, to innovate and to create. One of the largest Schools in the University, our subject areas are renowned for international and world leading research. Our work is well represented in national and international journals, at academic conferences around the world and in the media. We offer students a broad range of subjects to study in an exciting, research-led and highly interdisciplinary environment.

Our teaching is regarded as innovative and the levels of student satisfaction are consistently high. A vibrant intellectual community is constantly enriched and renewed by the contribution of visiting scholars and practitioners.

Dr. Saihong Li is the Director of the Centre. She and her colleague Dr. Anne Stokes organise and run the centre’s events. So far, the centre has over 80 internal members, including members of staff, PhD students, and current and past PGT translation students at the University of Stirling, as well as over 100 external members from a wide range of countries.

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